NJROPE Paranormal is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the resources they need. We have created this online store, The NJROPE Depot, in an effort to provide resources to not only our clients and clients of other paranormal groups, but to whomever visits this website seeking assistance with possible paranormal occurrences in their lives. No individual or group of individuals can guarantee complete success with these occurrences, but the merchandise being marketed on this page are the very items which have historically been used in rituals and practices which are often connected to paranormal concepts. NJROPE is one such group. The items for sale within this store are the very items which NJROPE field teams would use. We strive to assist and educate any individual whom is seeking answers. Many of NJROPE's members have had unexplainable events occur in their own lives and will utilize the resources found on this site. NJROPE Depot has every intention of expanding this site to include additional resources and education. We are always looking for new ideas and items. Therefore if you or anyone you know would like to see a particular item added to the store please contact us with the information so we can research the idea and incorporate it if at all possible. All proceeds from sales are donated directly to the work of NJROPE Paranormal. In return, the proceeds will be recycled back into the resources we use to continue our efforts of assisting those who need our help.